360-degree Feedback Assessments

360-degree Feedback Assessments 360-degree Feedback Assessments are powerful tools for helping individuals improve, grow and develop their soft (interpersonal) skills. The assessment will, in a constructive manner, provide individuals with an understanding of others’ perceptions of them. This will, in turn, lead to more successful communication outcomes. We offer fully automated 360-degree Feedback Software to create custom designed 360-degree Feedback Surveys. Each survey can be custom designed to match your organization’s needs and provides easy access for users to input data. Surveys may be accessed through the system software, the Internet, or Intranet resources. 360-degree Feedback Assessments provide individual 360-feedback assessment tools for executive development, leadership development, management development and team development. 360-degree assessment tools provide individuals with a view of how others perceive them in relation to their own perspective. This multi-rater instrument is easy to use, fully automated, multiple user-friendly, and cost effective. It can be self -administered, custom designed, and provides a comprehensive report data. The individual feedback report is confidential between the individual and their manager, with a report available for overall statistical information. As this is a customized survey, please contact us to place your order: nancy@basic- learning.com or (888) 204-3600. For each of the survey categories, the following seven feedback reports can be generated: - Category Report - Individual Practices Report - Overview Report - Summary Report - Comparative Report - Organizational Report - Training Report Price: $150.00 per person (regular price $180)

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