DISC Behavioral Assessment Tools

How DISC Behavioral Assessment Tools can save your organization: Less time spent retraining new employees Higher morale, as employees are placed in the right position with the right team Higher productivity (resulting from above) Reduced training and development budget, limited to a more narrowly defined workforce Our DISC Behavioral Assessment Tools provide individuals with personal insights about their own behavior styles and the behavior styles of others. Assessment tools are effective for identifying behavior styles, values, personal interests and attitudes. Assessment tools help managers recognize who is the best fit for the job when selecting new employees. Managers can also determine what type of training and development their employees need in order for them to be successful at their jobs. Our assessment reports provide detailed information regarding a respondent’s unique talents, communication preferences, values, motivators, and behavioral-style preferences. This information provides an opportunity to immediately understand their behavioral preferences and their unique differences from others— resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity.

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