Time Management Course Description

This workshop covers the essentials of effective time management.  Identification of time wasters and application of the principles of good management will show the participants how they can gain better control over the use of their time.

Course Objectives: Participants will learn:

  • How to structure, organize and plan their day
  • How to prioritize their work projects
  • How to schedule realistic deadlines
  • How to avoid procrastination
  • How to set realistic objectives
  • How to identify delegation possibilities
  • How to identify time wasters
  • How to analyze their time patterns

Methodology: Lecturette, group discussion, workbook exercises, case studies.

Participants: 10 – 25

Time-frame: 4 hours

Training Kit Price: $174.95

Includes: Instructor’s guide, license to print 25 copies of the workbook and PowerPoint slides.  All materials are in Adobe .pdf format and sent via e-mail in a zipped file. Click Here if you do not have Adobe Reader.

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