Read with Added Confidence, Speed, Comprehension, and Recall

Preface:  Are You Reading More But Retaining Less Information?
Workbook Purpose
Workbook Objectives
Workbook Benefits


Step One:  Take an Inventory of Your Present Reading Skills
What’s Your Reading Speed?
Reading Comprehension and Rate Calculation
Your Reading Speed Rating
Techniques for Determining Your Rate of Reading
What to Do Before Your Start Reading A Book

Step Two:  How to Use Your Hand, Eye, And Mind to Improve Reading Rate
Scanning and Hand Motions
Circular Hand Motions
The Quest or Christmas Tree Hand Motion
Practicing The “S” Movement Pattern
Practicing The “?” Hand Motion
How To Expand Your Peripheral Vision
The Eyes Have It
Everyone Has Healthy Fixations
Peripheral Vision Exercise
Full Dimensional Reading Exercise
Eye Warm Ups
Cluster Combinations
How to Get Rid of Bad Reading Habits
Overall Approach

Step Three:  How To Improve Your Recall
The Memory Process
Memory Strategies
A Star Mandala
Can a Whale Find Life in the Desert?
Making Connections With A Mind Map
How to Improve Memory and Retention

Step Four:  How To Improve Reading Comprehension
Other Suggestions For Improving Comprehension
Tips For Long-Term Memory And Comprehension
Measuring Reading Rate And Comprehension
Where You Are, Where You Are Going
Things To Take With You

Step Five:  How To Read Different Types Of Material
Reading Business Correspondence
Reading Technical Reports or Scientific Materials
Reading Newspapers
Reading Magazine and Journal Articles
Reading Novels
Reading Short Stories
Oh Yeah?  Prove It
Pacing Chart
Things to Take with You

Step Six:  Using Vocabulary To Improve Reading, Writing, and Speaking
Alphabetical List of Word Elements – Greek
Alphabetical List of Word Elements – Latin