What you Get:

  • 6 weeks of business writing coaching with Gloria Pincu
  • The Bull’s Eye Business Writing Workbook
  • Online instructions just like in a classroom course
  • Pre- and Post- course tests evaluated personally by Gloria Pincu
  • Valuable feedback on your writing progress
  • Subscription to Business Writing Tips weekly email newsletter
Written for both the professional in an organization or the person just looking to improve.

Bull’s Eye Business Writing Online has been used by hundreds of people and organizations such as Miami-Dade College, American Express and Motorola.

If each of America’s 100 million workers made just one $10 communication error (and most make more than that), it would cost the economy over a billion dollars.

The average executive spends four hours a day reading letters, emails and reports.  Eighty percent of those execs say much of this time is wasted because of poorly written materials.

Many employees from executives to support staff would benefit from additional  training in order to write clear and concise business correspondence.

It’s a fact. Badly written communications waste time and money and damage a company’s image.  Our most popular online course, Bull’s Eye Business Writing, guarantees improved communication skills by combining self-paced learning with guidance from a professional writing coach.

Recently published in the “Journal of American Society of Trainers and Directors”:

“According to a recent survey, 28 percent of Canadian workers often miss key information in written communications, and 63 percent miss key information once in a while.

When asked to identify the costs of poorly written communications, 85 percent said “wasted time,” 70 percent cited “lost productivity,” and 63 percent said “errors.” (Source/Communicare)

If your organization would like to train more than 30 people on improving their business writing, email Gloria with the number of students, and we may be able to offer you a special per student price.

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Course Description:

Business communications expert Gloria Pincu will be your personal writing coach for all six weeks of this course. Her many years of teaching and business training will ensure that your learning experience is enjoyable and successful.

First, Gloria will evaluate your online pre-course questionnaire and suggest ways to improve your writing. Then, throughout the course itself, she will assess samples of your writing, offering valuable feedback and suggestions to speed you on your way to more effective business communications!

The course curriculum is based upon our best-selling Bull’s Eye Business Writing Workbook, with comprehensive lessons in these areas:

  • How to write more effective letters and memos
  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • Business letter formats
  • Tables and other graphic presentations
  • How to improve your personal writing style
  • Writing exercises to get words and ideas flowing immediately
  • Pre- and post-course writing tests to measure your progress
  • and much more.
What students say about the course:

Thank you for your prompt attention.   You’ve made it so easy to learn with your book and helpful online slides that I’ve overcome my “fear” of re-learning writing. I love to write, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that I know all I need to know and this course/book has made me feel otherwise, if not confident.

Thanks again,
Rose Cisneros

Clients who use the Bull’s Eye Workbook:

Miami-Dade College:  Federal Aviation Association:  Dunn & Bradstreet;  Wal-Mart; American Express; Arvida Company; Baxter World Trade Corp.; Greenberg, Traurig Attorneys at Law; Certified Vacations; IBM; Motorola; and many others.