What‘s keeping your organization from getting to the “next level? “ Are you dealing with difficult personalities or a lack of teamwork? Perhaps your staff is having trouble adjusting to rapid change within the organization. Are employees weak in reading or writing skills? Do your organization’s meetings end up being a waste of time?

Whatever it is, Basic Learning Systems has a training solution for you. We’re here to boost your organization’s progress toward its goals with a wide selection of 16 soft skills training topics from which to choose. Each training program is based on adult learning practices and is developed by a professional trainer. You receive the programs and can use them “out of the box.” Allow us to be your one-stop shop for reasonably-priced, easy-to-use soft skills training materials. Order today and get started tomorrow!

All Basic Learning Systems soft skills training materials** include

  • Print-on-demand course workbook*
  • Customizable Instructor’s Guide
  • Full set of customizable PowerPoint slides

** Training packages are delivered via e-mail in an attachment. You will receive the materials as a download after you have completed your order.

Bull’s Eye Business Writing – Training Kit

As low as: $150.00

Our business writing training kit is designed for busy training professionals, like you, who need an “out of the box” kit so they can help others improve their writing skills. Orders are processed the next business day.

Use the training kit (includes leader’s guide and extensive PowerPoint) that has helped thousands of people – from clerks to managers to executives – quickly and painlessly improve their business letter and email writing skills and save endless hours wasted either struggling to write or plowing through the writing of others.

Some of the prestigious clients who have used the Bull’s Eye workbook are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Dunn and Bradstreet, Wal-Mart, J Crew, American Express, IBM and many others.

Workbooks must be ordered separately ($24.95 each; discounts available for orders of 26 or more)

Change Management Training Kit


In order to stay competitive, all organizations today find they must keep reshaping, shifting and flexing to fit a rapidly changing world. This training will provide workers with guidelines for managing their own careers, restructuring ways of working, taking personal responsibility for adapting to change, using creativity in making decisions, and managing change.

Conflict Management Training Kit


Course Description
The participants of this team dynamics, communication effectiveness, and conflict management course will interactively discuss, listen, explore, and seek issues as a team.

They will learn to reduce conflict that naturally arises from working with others. In addition, the participants will experience and practice with the tools that reinforce teamwork, reduce conflict, and provide techniques for communicating with difficult people in difficult situations

Creative Thinking in the Workspace Training Kit


Are your employees lacking in creativity, due to the over dependence upon technology? Creativity in the workplace is a critical skill needed for thinking up fresh ideas for new services and products. Creative thinkers are better equipped to come up with unique methods for resolving challenges, roadblocks, or disagreements in the workplace.

Customer Service Quality and Excellence Training Kit


If you have ever worked in customer service, you know it’s one of the toughest jobs there is. It requires you to be a fast-thinking “people person” with abundant patience, empathy, interviewing skills and better knowledge of the product than the president of the company.

VIPs: Vital Interaction Professionals

Well-trained, professional customer service staff are vital to a company’s good image and profitability because they may be the only company representatives the client ever talks to. Their performance determines if that customer ever comes back again.

Training your staff using our “Customer Service Quality and Excellence” training kit will ensure your patrons get the quality customer service they deserve and demand in today’s consumer-oriented marketplace.

Dealing With Difficult People Training Kit


Just one training session using this soft skills package can pave the way to better interpersonal relations and a more peaceful, productive office.

Basic Learning Systems offers you reasonably-priced “How to Deal with Difficult People” training material that really works!

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training Kit


Communication skills are “the lifeblood of a successful organization,” according to Watson Wyatt’s Communication ROI Study. Companies that promote communication skills enjoy significant competitive advantage and achieve greater profitability overall, as they:
– Convey their vision more clearly
– Unite their employees around company goals
– Improve productivity and reduce waste
– Enhance customer service
– Make changes more easily

Employee Motivation and Recognition Skills Training Kit


Would you like to have a measurable, positive impact on the job performance of your employees?

Using our “Employee Motivation and Recognition Kit” to train your supervisors and managers to actively engage their staff can do exactly that.

Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated, but how many supervisors and managers consider “appreciating others” part of their job description?

Listening with Understanding Training Kit


One of the employees asks for help from a colleague, but he is too preoccupied to understand what’s needed. You give instructions to your employees, but they can’t seem to follow them. You try to give your manager feedback about your workload, and she gets upset. These are all too typical work situations!

The art of effective listening is a critical component of interpersonal communication skills. Helping employees handle these situations will greatly benefit your organization.

Becoming a good listener can not only solve daily business problems, but also solidify working relationships, enhance self-esteem, and improve career performance.

Powerful Presentation Skills Training Kit


Powerful Presentation Skills Course Overview

Is your training budget tight this year? Need a highly effective presentation skills training kit that will make your job as the facilitator easy and stress-free?

This Soft Skills Presentation Skills Training Kit was designed by a highly experienced presentation skills trainer who has used these materials to successfully train thousands of professionals in corporations such as Fidelity, Perry Ellis, American Express, DHL, and Florida Power and Light.

The course covers all of the basic skills needed to deliver an effective and engaging presentation with confidence. It may be facilitated in one full-day or two half-day sessions.

Preparing and Participating in Productive Meetings Training Kit


Is your staff comfortable running a meeting? Do they know how to organize the meeting, create an agenda, take minutes, etc? If you compute the number of employees in attendance times their hourly rate, you’ll realize that holding meetings is an expensive proposition. It makes sense to use meeting time more wisely. This course will show your staff how to make meetings more productive, resulting in savings of time and money.

Professional Effectiveness Training Kit


Course Topics

Professional Development:

– Analyze present work habits, attitudes, actions, skills and knowledge
– Identify job responsibilities
– Get tools for probing one’s superior about his or her goals and how you can best support them
– Increase professional development through self-image psychology
– Improve self-concept by building a positive attitude

Managing Conflict:

– Solve problems and make decisions with confidence
– Learn the seven problem-solving techniques
– Increase ability to originate and develop constructive ideas relating job functions

Communication Skills:

– Communicate openly, honestly and directly by asking the right questions and knowing how to facilitate constructive feedback
– Improve listening skills
– Examine techniques for getting and giving information
– Understand what customers want and need to make the best possible first impression
– Develop more effective telephone techniques with the 7 cardinal rules for telephone communication
– Use 6 steps for resolving customer complaints

Organizational Skills:

– Develop a personal reference manual for cross-training
– Include procedures to follow on all tasks

Manage Change:

– Learn strategies to create a better understanding of change in one’s department
– Take steps to move from a reactive mode during organizational change to a proactive role
– Begin a continuous process for working well with others involved in a change process

Our Soft Skills Training Kits Include:

An instructor’s guide to assist you in set-up, presentation and more; a license to print participant manuals, and PowerPoint slides to highlight important information. Materials will be sent via e-mail automatically after your order is processed.
Participants; 25
Time frame: 1 day