Quick Overview

Change Management Course Description

In order to stay competitive, all organizations today find they must keep reshaping, shifting and flexing to fit a rapidly changing world. This training will provide workers with guidelines for managing their own careers, restructuring ways of working, taking personal responsibility for adapting to change, using creativity in making decisions, and managing change.

Training Objectives for Organizational Change
– Analyze possible changes that might affect your department, position, or staff in the future
– Learn why you should focus on outcomes rather than effort. Take steps from simple awareness of an organizational change to commitment to its success
– Survey your own abilities for working well with others involved in a change project
– Identify and deal with the five main phases of change
– Increase enthusiasm for change as an opportunity to grow and improve
– Practice creative problem-solving techniques as an approach to the unexpected outcomes of change
– Develop an action plan that will lead to setting new goals and planning new strategies for the future

Our Soft Skills Training Materials Include:
– An instructor’s guide to assist you in set-up, presentation and more
– Participant manual with license to print 25 copies,
– PowerPoint slides to highlight important information.

Training Methodology: Group discussion, role plays, lectures, group exercises.

Learning Time Frame: One day