Conflict Management Course Description

The participants of this team dynamics, communication effectiveness, and conflict management course will interactively discuss, listen, explore, and seek issues as a team.

They will learn to reduce conflict that naturally arises from working with others. In addition, the participants will experience and practice with the tools that reinforce teamwork, reduce conflict, and provide techniques for communicating with difficult people in difficult situations.

Conflict Management Course Topics
– Sources Of Conflict In A Team Environment
— Understand the sources and stages of conflict
— Learn the six steps in the process of resolving conflict
— Analyze the reactions and feelings of conflict
— Isolate the real causes of conflict

– Stages Of Team Development
— Building teamwork
— Creating a supportive environment for teams
— Team building exercise
— How teams grow and develop: Stages of team development
— Learn how to listen without conflict to reach consensus

– Communications Styles and the Effects on Team Dynamics
— Analyze the dynamics of situations involving passive and aggressive behaviors and learn strategies and solutions for dealing with them
— Understand what really triggers difficult people to behave negatively
— Overview of four communication styles
— Effects of communication style on conflict
— Practice the six methods for responding to conflict
—Feedback: a key element in opening up communication

Our Soft Skills Training Materials Include:
– An instructor’s guide to assist you in set-up, presentation and more
– Participant manual with license to print unlimited copies
– PowerPoint slides to highlight important information.

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Training Methodology: PowerPoint slides, lecture, simulations, handouts, group discussions, workbook exercises

Participants: 10 -25

Learning Time-frame: One or two days