Quick Overview

Are your employees lacking in creativity, due to the over dependence upon technology? Creativity in the workplace is a critical skill needed for thinking up fresh ideas for new services and products. Creative thinkers are better equipped to come up with unique methods for resolving challenges, roadblocks, or disagreements in the workplace.

Creative Thinking in the Workspace Course Description

Increase employees’ creative thinking and problem-solving capacities. Reap the benefits when they apply these creative resources to the workplace.

Course Objectives:
– Identify individual and organizational opportunities for creativity
– Choose from among options for overcoming blocks to creativity
– Analyze situations that require creative thinking
– Be more creative in problem-solving and decision-making roles
– Implement the products of the creative process
– Use various tools for enhancing creativity skills

Our Soft Skills Training Materials Include:
– An instructor’s guide to assist you in set-up, presentation and more
– Participant manual with license to print
– PowerPoint slides to highlight important information

Soft Skills Training Methodology: Workbook exercises, role-plays, handouts, lectures, group exercises, and
PowerPoint slides

Participants: 10 to 25

Learning Time-frame: One, 8-hour or two 4-hour sessions

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