Recently, various services that offer academic help for students have mushroomed. And it’s not weird. Lots of students take advantage of such companies especially at the end of the semester when they are truly pressed for time completing a great wave of school assignments and preparing for the exams. Stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work, they tend to use ‘do my hw’ websites and look for professional online help.

While the prices for online tutoring are usually exorbitant and rarely drop lower than $50 per hour, lots of online homework services are cheap or even don’t cost a dime. Free to use, easy to navigate, they are designed to solve tough hw problems and provide a helping hand whenever you need it. Such services are a real deal, but remember to make your choice wisely. Demand breeds supply, so the competition on the market makes it really difficult to find a reliable website from the first attempt. We prepared the review of online homework help services that proved time-tested, affordable, and credible. Keep on reading and find the best helper in crossing the final line in high school.

10 Best Online Assignment Help Services

  1. Free Math Help

If the four-lettered word ‘Math’ makes you frustrated and stressed, this tool is exactly what you need to improve your relationship with this uneasy subject. The website operates round-the-clock and has a message board for you to write down all the questions. And it’s incredibly fast: most messages are answered by professional tutors in 10 minutes or even less.

  1. Just Answer Homework

Whether it’s social sciences, English, math, literature or statistics, a team of verified homework tutors is ready to cover your back and answer the questions online via the live chat or by phone. A great number of requests are usually processed within a minute. All you need to do is to create a profile (free!) and type the question in the box. If required, experts may provide additional academic assistance.

  1. WriteMyPapers claims to provide arguably the best academic writing services for all levels of students. Be it a short essay or a lengthy dissertation, urgent deadline or a more leisure one, experienced writers will produce a top-notch plagiarism-free paper on time. Just place an order, and they will take care of the rest.

  1. School Trainer

This website offers a wide range of academic tutoring services, for example, online homework help and coaching. It’s a pretty nice way to prepare for exams or mid-term tests. School Trainer has free message forums and chat sessions. You may also upgrade to premium and order regular coaching.

  1. Chegg Study

Working 24/7, Chegg Study is a nice option for young researchers. From essay prompts and practice problems to valuable pieces of advice from field professionals, this service has everything high school and college students need to boost grade at reasonable rates.

  1. Paul’s Online Math Notes

This is another service from the category of Math helpers that includes Math tutorials and notes on Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. The website also has articles with tips on how to study Math and avoid common Math errors. To put it shortly, it’s a great choice if Math is still a nightmare for you.

  1. Fact Monster

Fact Monster is created to help young students with homework facts. What does ‘tornado’ mean and when was America discovered? Just choose your category or type the question and get a quick answer.

  1. Discovery Education

This amazing website helps teachers to link up and improve the quality of lessons. Its comprehensive design includes text and visual content, model activities, assessments of students’ performance, and embedded data dashboards.

  1. Khan Academy

Some time ago, a graduate from Harvard launched his non-commercial project to help children from all over the world get a proper education. Now, it amounts to more than 5000 collections on History, Physics, Math, Astronomy, Medicine, Computer Science and much more.

  1. Kidzworld

It’s a special networking place for children 9-16 interacting daily. Kids can browse interesting articles on any topic, enjoy entertaining content and get free homework help. What is also very important, the website is safe and moderated.

Here we have gathered 10 legit solutions to the worst nightmare for students – homework assignments. Don’t waste your time and give these game changers a try! With their help, you could take the homework pressures off with just a couple of mouse clicks.